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When it comes to raising kids there is so much more to it than any amount of words on paper could ever explain.

This morning I listened to a radio broadcast of a teenager in front of a judge getting her bail set. She didn’t like what the judge laid down so she proceeded to drop the F-bomb and flip him off…. Sending her to jail for 30 days and having her bail amount increased in the process. A few hours later I saw the same article on Facebook and was curious to the comments left on the NBC post.

There was an overwhelming amount of criticism in regards to what type of parenting she had received. Granted… in today’s world parents are less involved in their kid’s life while these kids are held less accountable for their actions than previous generations.

I think that’s the point I’m trying to make. We don’t hold our kids accountable for what they do. We automatically think there was some other greater force that is to blame for whatever it is they have done.



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