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Red Flags

It’s very normal… even accepted and understood that when a person experiences a loss in a car accident or plane crash the person would be hesitant when having to drive again… or fly again. If someone goes through something tragic we all show sympathy towards their emotions when having to face that fear again. We know logically that not every time you get into a car or plane something bad will happen yet we can understand how someone who has suffered such a loss thinks it might. We have the ability to accept that their fear is painfully real.

When it comes to something tangible we can stand on common ground and have patience in another’s recovery process whether we have been through it or not. The problem lies when it isn’t something we can touch or see. When there is a situation that the only thing we have is what is felt or what someone is telling us. It’s hard to reach out and grasp ahold of the wind although we know it’s there because we can feel it.



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