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I read an article the other day that was titled ‘It’s better to be raised by a single Mom.’  I have to tell you… my first response to this was a clap and a smile followed by a big “HELL YEAH IT IS!!” I gave myself a moment to relish in this new found validation that I was doing everything right. That I had made the right choice in raising my children on my own and that all my hard work was going to somehow payoff in the end for the better.

It’s quite the contrast from the conversation I had with my ex-husband as we were going through the divorce. It was my choice to leave therefore he felt the need to look up and inform me of all the statistics showing that children are more likely to be drug users, drop out of school and even go to prison when they come from a broken home. I just kept thinking….  “How much more broken than us can you get?” A broken home doesn’t just mean the parents aren’t together. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to define a broken home based on the environment you are raising your children in rather than how many grown-ups live under the same roof?



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